How to request site migration from another host to A2 Hosting

Whether you would like to upgrade your hosting package or you’re bringing your site over from another hosting provider, A2 Hosting offers seamless site migrations.

Filling out the migration form

Simply fill out the migration request form to have your site transfer completed! To have your site migrated as fast as possible, follow along with the how-to guide below. Please keep in mind that every field is filled out with examples and that your form must be filled with your own information.

Domain and SSL information

List your domain name(s) in the Domain(s) field, along with any vendor-issued SSL certificates.

control panel information

The Control Panel Details section should be filled out as thoroughly as possible. The information for this section can generally be found in a hosting package overview page, or within the control panel itself.

FTP Details

The FTP Details section is usually filled out with details from the hosting package overview. This can vary among different hosting providers, so it’s important to verify that all of your information is as accurate as possible.

SSH Details

The SSH Details section will usually have a lot of the same information as the Control Panel and FTP sections, but again, this can vary based on the hosting provider. Double check all information and make sure that it’s accurate for your site.

Special instructions for migration

Does your website need any extra love? Is there anything in particular that the migration team should be made aware of? Please note any special instructions in this text field.

Fast migrations

The majority of our migrations are completed within a few hours of the request being received. We take great pride in providing fast migrations. However, several factors, such as the current host's network speed, the number of sites being migrated, and migration complexity can all influence the migration speed. Our Migrations team will keep you informed of your migration's progress.

The more completely filled out your migration form is, the faster the turnaround time! Filling out the Migration Form may seem daunting, however, most of this information is easily accessible. Most hosting providers have a central page that lists all of the information about the hosting account.

Another method you can use to expedite your migration is to obtain a cPanel based backup of your hosting account from your old host, and use FTP or the cPanel File Manager to upload the backup to your account at A2 Hosting. If you'd like to take advantage of this, please open a support ticket and provide the backup filename with the full path to the directory where you have uploaded it. Our migration team will begin the restore as soon as possible. This method will ensure the fastest possible migration and is highly recommended by A2 Hosting's customer support team.


If you have any questions, A2 Hosting’s customer support team will be more than happy to help you along with this process. The support team can assist via LiveChat, by submitting a support ticket, or by phone. Just fill in the form as much as possible and we’ll follow up with whatever’s missing.

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